End Users

You can register as an end user if you are on behalf of your organization involved with the orientation or purchasing of products or services related to the conference subject.

To end users we offer the opportunity to participate free of charge if the registration conditions are met.

No one-to-one meetings
€ 645 
No one-to-one meetings
Complete programme
No questionnaire
Most chosen product
Participation Free of Charge
€ 0 (€ 645)
Four short one-to-one Meetings
Complete programme
Short questionnaire

Suppliers and other non end users

If you are not an end user, you can sign up for paid participation.

Advisors, consultants, non-business professionals, jobseekers and students / trainees are considered non-end users. As well as suppliers with a commercial role in an organization offering products or services that are in line with the conference topic.

Non-end Users
€ 645
No one-to-one meetings
Break-out sessions

Do you want to participate as a business partner?

Suppliers who are interested in joining this conference as a business partner can contact Marieke Versteegh via of +31 (0)76 548 40 76 to get more information about what the possibilities are.


Journalist can register free of charge if they are professionally engaged with the conference topic..