Setting up a corporate IAM service

There are many factors that contribute to IAM project failures, but one of the common ones is the misunderstanding of it's scope. IAM is not a plug and play. Despite what the salespeople tell you, it is not easy to implement. It is very hard, not technologically speaking. IAM is more a process and less a Software solution.

Implementation of an IAM requires huge changes from business processes, IT functions, and above all - the way of thinking. The question is whether we already understand IAM fully and whether your organization has a full and mature IAM-strategy?  Furthermore there is the technical / architectural challenge of combining new technologies and old technologies.  At the same time people want to have user-friendly and convenient solutions and we get warned every day that simple passwords are no longer enough and strong authentication is a must. 

As if this is not enough, we get specific questions in the area of privileged user access and compliance monitoring…. And just when you thought you tackled it there comes a new challenge called the cloud…. During the Identity Access Management conference we will address all these topics