Newsitem 31 oktober 2019

Get 8 CPE hours during our summit

During our conferences, it is possible to receive 8 CPE hours for the whole day. It is a great chance to get the latest and newest information about Digital Identity, and receive 8 CPE points in just one day!

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Newsitem 18 september 2019

Be one of the first 30 registrations

Nowadays, customers expect an smooth customer journey when they log-in into your organization. How do you make sure you meet the security and risk standards? Click here to read more.

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Persbericht 05 februari 2019

Press release: Heliview is expanding its business!

In 2019 Heliview Conference & Training, will be organising 5 Summits in Belgium. All Summits will be organised centrally located in Brussels. The Summits will focus on various topics like IT Software & Asset Management, Cyber Security, Data Driven Business, API Management & Digital Identity. Heliview has extensive experience in organising conferences, especially for the Dutch market. In 2016 the first Belgian event was organised.

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Partner News 31 oktober 2017

One User Name to Rule the Cloud: Identity Management for your One Stop SaaS Shop

Disruption and digitalization are radically transforming whole sectors, at such a fast pace – blink and you’ll miss the next innovation. Our way of working, too, has been transforming – one example is Software-as-a-Service. Although the concept has been around for quite some time now, mass migration to the cloud these last few years has really made the technology gain momentum. There is not one modern company on the path toward digitalization that is not using web-based cloud applications in some way. Office 365, Dropbox and Salesforce, to name just a few of the most popular ones, make life easier for all of us. However, some identity and access management challenges come along with implementing SaaS applications. Can’t wait to find out how we help you overcome these IAM challenges? Go to our free 30day trial now.

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Partner News 31 oktober 2017

Digital Transformation Means Infusing Identity Everywhere

Organizations are rapidly adopting new technologies such as cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) to facilitate and accelerate digital transformation. Securing these environments means managing identities throughout the organization, and next-generation identity and access management (IAM) strategies must give IT the ability to swiftly enable cloud, mobile and IoT adoption while providing a first-class user experience to employees and business partners alike.

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Conference News 24 oktober 2017

Setting up a corporate IAM service

IAM-projects are most often seen in organizations as being expensive, unsuccessful, blocking business from doing its thing, etc. At the same time organizations understand that –especially with the coming of GDPR— access to information really has to be controlled for normal employees and for e.g. privileged admins. If that is not enough business is requested to hook up / federate with partners, customers and cloud-providers.

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Partner news 08 september 2017

Implementing Identity and Access Governance

IT departments have to provide well functioning, preferably automated access to functionality and to frequently privacy-sensitive information, for example in shares. Virtually all contemporary tools for the management of rights and roles have been developed by IT-ers for IT-ers, although typically it is department heads (e.g. in hospitals) or managers who decide who should have access to which applications and information. 

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