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Maarten Wegdam
Managing Partner

Dr. Maarten Wegdam is a Managing Partner at InnoValor where he is responsible for the advisory activities related to digital trust, identities and privacy. He is also responsible for the ReadID mobile identity verification software product. Maarten advises public and private parties about digital identities and how to realize reusable digital identities, including issues such as privacy, business model and reliability.

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Nick van der Meijde
Solution Architect Identity & Access Management

Will be available soon.

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Niels Decraene
Sales Director
Transmit Security

Niels has over 10 year of experience in helping Enterprise and Financial customers transform their Cybersecurity environments through the use of innovative technologies. Niels leads the Benelux practice for Transmit Security and is based in Belgium. Transmit Security brings a fresh approach to automating and orchestrating a customer’s digital identity journey using non-disruptive solutions.

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