Yvo van Doorn
Senior Solutions Engineer

As Senior Solutions Engineer, Yvo van Doorn is a technical expert for Auth0 customers seeking to understand the benefits of identity and cloud. He has more than a decade of system administration experience at companies like Schuberg Philis and is also one of the main organizers for Devopsdays Amsterdam.

Jacques Forster_DISummit2019.jpg
Jacques Forster

Jacques Forster, as CTO, is responsible for the strategy and delivery of innovative IAM solutions @OPNS. 

Jacques’ deep experience in IAM is the result of more than 10 projects delivered as a solution integrator, complemented by 8 years spent as the corporate IAM product owner within a large multi-national organization. He is knowledgeable on all (C)-IAM dimensions at security, functional and business levels. 

Jacques also plays the role of architect for a development team that enriches COTS packages from top IAM vendors. As such he designed an RBAC solution back in the early days of IAM and resell it to one of the top 5 vendors; he later expanded it with "Roles with parameters" capabilities to further improve the value of RBAC for customers. 

He is experienced in different markets (public sector, healthcare, universities, bank & insurance, industry...) and is always looking for common patterns fitting within the big picture, aiming for simplification and standardization when & where appropriate.

Edwin Grimminck_IAM2018.jpg
Edwin Grimminck
Identity, Governance and Security expert

Edwin has been working in IT with a main focus on Identity, Governance and Security products for over 20 years now. After working as an Identity and Access Management consultant, designing, implementing and advising in IAM projects he is now working as a Sales Engineer at SailPoint. In this role he supports his sales colleagues in the Benelux with all technical related questions, product demo's, presentations and workshops on SailPoint’s Identity and Security portfolio.

Allard Keuter_DISummit2019.jpg
Allard Keuter
Solution Expert
Signicat AS

Allard has been working in the payments and identity business for the last 18 years, working for banks, processors and technology companies. In the last 5 years he has been responsible for the creation of iDIN, the Dutch bank electronic identity scheme, tackling technological, business and legal challenges. In his role he has had dealings with the supervisory authorities, public sector and private enterprises struggling with (regulatory) demands and challenges in onboarding, identities and electronic signatures. Since July 2019 Allard has joined Signicat, Europe’s leading identity service provider, to help refine Signicat’s solutions and bring them to the market.

Karol Leroy_DISummit2019.jpg
Karol Leroy
IT security Expert
Beta Systems

Karol Leroy started his career as a system programmer and quickly became an IT Production manager with management responsibilities. He then joined a major software company in which he discovered the customer relationship and developed his interest in business. As an ITOM and IAM solutions expert, he started business activities for several software vendors across southern European markets. In 2005, Karol created Net Access, an IT Security Value Added Reseller. Back to Software industry since 2012, he has joined Beta System as Regional sales Manager for Benelux in 2018 and has brought his large IT Cybersecurity technical expertise to help extend Auconet BICS solution recognition.

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