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Erik R. van Zuuren (chairman)
Founder Trustcore.EU

Erik is activily engaged in several jobs / activities, which activities include:

  • Founder TrustCore.EU
  • Topic Leader ITME – CyberSecurity at Solvay Brussels School
  • Plaatvervangend lid – Flemish Government Data Protection Authority
  • Security advisor/  architect at BNP Paribas Fortis - Global Security
  • Lead Architect on Self-Sovereign Identity (ESSIF / EBSI) at The European Commission
  • Expert / PM wrt (Qualified) Trust Services-related studies and guidelines for ENISA

Since January 2015 Erik left a big4 to start up TrustCore.EU and is currently active in the roles mentioned in the list above. Erik has years of experience/expertize in amongst others: Governance/Risk/Compliance, eGovernment/eBusiness/eBanking, Trust Services and Trusted/Trustworthy (eco-)systems, Enterprise (Security) Architectures, Service Oriented Architectures and Cloud Platforms, Information & CyberSecurity (Management) etc. Erik's engagements include activities in public sector (Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal ICT Department (Fedict), the eGov & ICT agency of the Flemish Gov, DG Connect, DG Employment, DG RTD, EC-ISA, etc.) as well as activities in a diverse spectrum of private sector organizations (incl. NBB, ING, KBC, Electrabel Suez, Infrabel, DeLijn, BPost, Euroclear).Erik's achievements include being one of the fathers/authors of the blueprint for the Belgian Personal Identity Card Project (BelPIC) and being one of the fathers of key egov-supporting services at the Flemish government (wide range of (trust-)services wrt e-identification / e-authentication / authorisation / e-signing / stamping, etc). Currently Erik is focusing on Enterprise (Security) Architecture, on the effects/implementation of the eIDAS-Trust Regulation and on the upcoming Payment Services Directive 2.


Robin Gaal_DigitalID19.jpg
Robin Gaal
Senior IAM Consultant

Robin is a senior Identity & Access Management consultant who has designed and implemented IAM systems at multiple international clients. He has a strong technical background in Single Sign On, authentication technologies and API security.

Patrick Horemans_DISummit2019.jpg
Patrick Horemans
Business Partner Representative - Identity and Access Management Europe

Patrick started as a system engineer and with that experience he evolved into a sales advisory role. With his understanding of networks, applications and infrastructure he can understand the customer challenges and translate them in the best solution for them. His experience is spread over systems & performance management, security incident & event management, data protection, identity access and governance.

Yvo van Doorn
Senior Solutions Engineer

As Senior Solutions Engineer, Yvo van Doorn is a technical expert for Auth0 customers seeking to understand the benefits of identity and cloud. He has more than a decade of system administration experience at companies like Schuberg Philis and is also one of the main organizers for Devopsdays Amsterdam.

Allard Keuter_DISummit2019.jpg
Allard Keuter
Solution Expert
Signicat AS

Allard has been working in the payments and identity business for the last 18 years, working for banks, processors and technology companies. In the last 5 years he has been responsible for the creation of iDIN, the Dutch bank electronic identity scheme, tackling technological, business and legal challenges. In his role he has had dealings with the supervisory authorities, public sector and private enterprises struggling with (regulatory) demands and challenges in onboarding, identities and electronic signatures. Since July 2019 Allard has joined Signicat, Europe’s leading identity service provider, to help refine Signicat’s solutions and bring them to the market.

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