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Paul Danneels
Transformational Business Leader

Paul Danneels is as Business Innovation Manager Officer responsible for digital innovation and business development at Fednot, The Belgian Association of Notaries. He is also Cionet Board member. He has a proven track record of establishing business driven digital strategies in prior roles of CIO at the VDAB employment Agency and The Federal Food agency in Belgium. Before he successfully delivered consulting missions in both the public and private sector with IBM, CSC and Vlerick Business School.

Jacoba Sieders
Jacoba Sieders
Head of Identity- & Access Management
European Investment Bank (EIB)

Jacoba is an expert and thought leader on Digital Identity with 18 years of experience in the domain in all three multinational banks in the Netherlands, ING, Rabobank, and ABNAMRO. Next to leading the identity and access layer for all ABNAMRO customers and employees, she was involved with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) projects with block chain and is knowledgeable about the legislation relevant for digital identity for the financial industry. On a regular basis, she is requested as a sparring partner or speaker outside of work, with peers in the industry, government bodies, and in other multinational companies. Jacoba is advisory board member of Identity Next, an independent European identity think tank. Today, she is leading IAM at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, the financial institute of the European Commission.

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Annick Loks
Head of User Access Management
ING Belgium

After obtaining a master in Mathematics at ULB and a Executive Master in IT Audit, Risk and Security at Solvay Brussels School, Annick had the opportunity to join the newly created IT Security Engineering team within ING Belgium, with a lot of challenges related to the emerging use of the Internet. With the maturity of the organisation moving to Information Security, Information Risk Management and more recently to the integration of the non financial risk functions, she has followed the same way in her personal evolution and was then the Head of the Information Risk Management team with ING BeLux.

With the increasing pressure from the auditors and regulators, and the decided implementation of Role Based Access Control, Annick moved again to the 1st Line of Defense taking the challenge of getting Identity & Access Management in control.


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Hans Verbeeck

Hans Verbeeck is a technologist who spent almost the entire of his career on the application development and solution side of the IT spectrum. After a long career at Microsoft where he helped customers and integrators to transition to new technologies, he took on the role of CTO at NxtPort where he leads the effort to build a data sharing and process integration platform for port communities. Data providers/owners and data users exchange data (the new oil) over the platform only if they trust it. Governing data access via APIs can only build on governance of identities of users and organizations. Hence Hans’s interest in identity, trust and knowing-your-customers beyond the financial industry.

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Erik R. van Zuuren (chairman)
Founder Trustcore.EU

Erik is activily engaged in several jobs / activities, which activities include:

  • Founder TrustCore.EU
  • Topic Leader ITME – CyberSecurity at Solvay Brussels School
  • Plaatvervangend lid – Flemish Government Data Protection Authority
  • Security advisor/  architect at BNP Paribas Fortis - Global Security
  • Lead Architect on Self-Sovereign Identity (ESSIF / EBSI) at The European Commission
  • Expert / PM wrt (Qualified) Trust Services-related studies and guidelines for ENISA

Since January 2015 Erik left a big4 to start up TrustCore.EU and is currently active in the roles mentioned in the list above. Erik has years of experience/expertize in amongst others: Governance/Risk/Compliance, eGovernment/eBusiness/eBanking, Trust Services and Trusted/Trustworthy (eco-)systems, Enterprise (Security) Architectures, Service Oriented Architectures and Cloud Platforms, Information & CyberSecurity (Management) etc. Erik's engagements include activities in public sector (Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal ICT Department (Fedict), the eGov & ICT agency of the Flemish Gov, DG Connect, DG Employment, DG RTD, EC-ISA, etc.) as well as activities in a diverse spectrum of private sector organizations (incl. NBB, ING, KBC, Electrabel Suez, Infrabel, DeLijn, BPost, Euroclear).Erik's achievements include being one of the fathers/authors of the blueprint for the Belgian Personal Identity Card Project (BelPIC) and being one of the fathers of key egov-supporting services at the Flemish government (wide range of (trust-)services wrt e-identification / e-authentication / authorisation / e-signing / stamping, etc). Currently Erik is focusing on Enterprise (Security) Architecture, on the effects/implementation of the eIDAS-Trust Regulation and on the upcoming Payment Services Directive 2.


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