Capture in one day how e-Identity, Trust, Cloud and API’s are evolving and how those will play a major role in the digital transformation and cyber-survival!

Subjects in 2018

IAM Building blocks

  • Registration
  • (Multi-factor) Authentication
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Role- and privilege management
  • Auditibility

Integration of infrastructures

  • Understanding the eco-system
  • Connecting to the cloud
  • API compliant
  • Automated identity management
  • Context based access enforcement

Trust, governance & compliance

  • Trust
  • Access governance
  • Compliance management & monitorin

Future ready IAM

  • Role based access to Attribute / Rule based access in support of GDPR
  • Integrating Robots into your IAM / robotics Process automation
  • Blockchain-based IAM
  • IAM in the world of IoT


About the Conference

How do organisations build a trust-worthy digital environment?

Of course, there is IAM purely for security and compliance reasons. However, organisations that master e-Identities can provide access to their services/data in a controlled way. Think about the booming eGov-applications and the large number of applications allowing you to log on with your Facebook- or Google-account. All this, in combination with GDPR, holds quite some challenges and opportunities.

This conference brings you up to speed with key relevant topics, provides you inspiration and knowledge. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to meet and discuss with peers and solution providers. Connecting the dots so to speak.

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The Digital Identity & Trust Summit - Belgium will take place in Square Brussel Meeting Centre.

Square, Brussels

Participants about the 2017 edition:

Coen Jacobs
— Diplad
Very well organised, well moderated, good accomodation and speakers' knowledge on the topics
Didier van Oosthuyse
Great event! It provides some enlightments and subjects of reflection around IAM
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